Monday, July 23, 2018

Train Ride Blue Ridge, Ga to McCaysville. Tn

This is a open-car  train ride, most popular in the fall,  from Blue Ridge, Georgia, to McCaysville/Copper Hill, Tennessee.

Here I am putting on a show, one foot in Georgia and the other foot in Tennessee.

When I was a kid people talked  about how ugly and mean Copperhill, Tennessee, was at that time.  It was ugly because of all the trip mining, with on bare hills to look at and it was mean because all those miners had to have a little fun on their off hours.  And  fun means drinking and fighting. 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Trail of Tears Sign

This sign is interesting.  It says the first Native American to die on the Trail of Tears was here.  The sign is on Sandy Plains Road, across from the old closed Mountain View Elementary School.  It may be just a technicality, but "here" means "here".  This very spot.  It is next to the sidewalk.  At this point "here" Sandy Plains Road is six, maybe seven lanes (with turning lanes).  When we moved to this area in 1976 Sandy Plains Road was only two lanes wide.  But with progress and pavement the "here" has probably moved.  There we go changing history again, to accommodate progress.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Choestoe Baptist Old Cemetery, Union County, Ga.

From the new Choestoe Baptist Church Cemetery, up an old dirt road through the woods about a half mile is the old Choestoe Cemetery, with some of my earlier relatives are buried.

Micajah Clark Dyer, I don't think is blood-kin, but some of his descendants are Hunter in-laws.  Micajah was an interesting person.  He was an inventor and held many patients.  One is newsworthy.  He has a patient on the first flying machine, long before the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  His patient and his flying machine blueprints are on his grave maker.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Cruising the Bahamas on The Sovereign of the Seas

Polly Want a Cracker?  That's me doing my parrot imitation.  Huh?  You  wanted Pirate?  OK.  AARRGGG!

Shipboard life isn't exactly singing all together songs about rum and walking to plank and looking across the vast sea in deep thought.  It is more like PIG OUT TIME on the bottomless buffet. and getting your picture taken with the Captain.

However, when the sea got rocky, I did see several people throw up and somebody else slip and fall into the barf. "Yuk yuk" - as Popeye would say.

If you read some of my posts you may know that I mention how small the world is, a lot.  Here is another example;

In the middle of the Caribbean on the top deck, after eating at the ship’s Johnny Rockets.  We decided to pull up a deck chair and read.  We sat near an Indian (Far Eastern) family, a mother, mother’s sister, and a boy and girl, both preteen, that we saw in Johnny Rockets.   The mother and her sister were discussing books.  We heard a few books we read and joined in their conversation, uninvited.  They didn’t mind.  While getting to known them, they said they lived in Statesboro, Georgia.  Georgia, small world?  Wait, its gets better.  She said her husband, also on the cruise, but doing an activity is a gold dealer and also owns a Duncan Donuts in Statesboro.  They asked where we were from and we said Marietta, Georgia.  They were surprised, they previously lived in Marietta and owned a Duncan Donuts franchise there.  “Which one?” we asked.  And the lady had to think a minute, it has been years ago, then she said Sandy Plains Road.  Our son Adam’s first job was there.