Thursday, May 24, 2018

Couple in the Parking Lot Interview,*

*Not to be confused with "Man on the Street" Interview.

Last year this channel 46 reporter  and her cameraman stopped us in the Krogers parking lot and asked us our opinion about political news of that day, whatever that was.  I think whatever we said was fair, kind, and vaguely hateful.  About  a month later we went to a doggy fair on the Greens in Smyrna.  Channel 46 had a booth, and was handing out freebies, probably dog treats.  She wasn't as friendly as she was during our interview, after all, she had to keep the line moving.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

2005: Charles' Surprised 80th Birthday Party

The 80th Birthday Party for Anna's uncle Charles.    Charles's career was a pilot for TWA.  When he retired, he moved back to Marietta.  They say he used to ride his bicycle to the Atlanta Airport to watch the planes take off and and.  As a teenager he and his brother Paul were the grunts for the Strand  Theater.  Paul ran the projector and Charles delivered the programs.

His daughter Joanie  and Charles

Charles died in 2012.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Do You Mind ff I take Your Picture?

This is a lady in the dog park parking lot:  Pink motorcycle, twin dogs in papoose pouches, and short shorts.   When I asked could would she mind if I take her picture, I knew what the answer would be.    

Monday, May 21, 2018

Tony'a Retirement

Tony's last day at work at the Post Office.
Tony was the one that mostly answered the phone when he worked at Sprayberry Crossing Posr Office and before then, Gresham Road Post Office., both in Marietta.  I overheard him many times say when someone asked him for directions how to get there, "Do you know where the Big Chicken is?

Tony, Sheila, and Bob.  Sheila and I worked in Finance Department of Atlanta Post Office.  Bob and I also worked under the same boss in the Atlanta Post Office.  Years of working with Bob in Atlanta, and a couple of years of working with him in the Marietta Post Office one day he and I were standing in front of the battery display at K-Mark.  Bob, finally spoke to me, saying, "Do you work for the Post Office?"  Years later, after we both retired, I ran into him again in the recovering room of a hospital.  My sister was recovering and so was Bob.  Bob treated me like we were best fiends.


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Saucey Bones BBQ,

Saucey Bones BBQ is located in Eton, Murray County, Georgia. We were there on July the 16th a couple of years ago.  The reason I know it was July the 16th because that is what I wanted for my birthday, to visit a few ancestor’s graves in Crandall, Murray County.

I don’t remember how good it was or  if I would drive about 80 miles to eat at Saucey Bones, again or not, but if in the area why not?

The reason we picked it (1) BBQ was on the sign (2) several law enforcement vehicles were parked in the front.  That is the same theory as the best food is where the trucks are parked in front, same for cop cars.  Inside the place seemed to be full of the law.  Which is good, for safety but probably bad for profits.


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Willy B.

Silver back Gorilla Willy B. (1959-2000).  Willy B. was the most famous being at the Atlanta Zoo,  Many times I have stood on the other side of his moat and fence and studied his expressions.  He was more human than some humans I know.  He knew how to eat peaches and apples to make the juice fly as e bit into them.  He could have made good fruit commercials.

He had five off springs, which is braggable , the kind of thing he could have beat his chest over, because he was not introduced to the opposite sex until past his middle age.

Sometimes he sat around looking bored and might have been thinking, “Is this all there is to live?”

Our eyes locked several times and I it thrilled me but I could tell by his steady gaze he was thinking, “Another idiot, Ho-Hum!”

Up Yours!

Willy B. and child

Up Yours again.

My two late friends, a statue of Willie B. and picture of Sam Carsley

Benjamin with another bronze statue of Willy B (I think)

Friday, May 18, 2018

Sam Carsley and Me

This was taken December 9, 1967.  Photographer Robert Crow took our picture synchronizing our watches to make sure we got to the church on time for my wedding.  Actually the wedding place was just a room or two away.

Sam and I knew each other literally all but the first seven months of his life.  We both were babies in the Clay Home.  His father Norman Carsley  in the Navy in WWII lost his life when a suicide Japanese plane crashed into his part of the ship.

Through the years we talked via phone few times a week.  Politically we disagreed, but the arts we had the same taste, we were crazy about EC comics, MAD comics and its artists, music, history, and photography.  Sam was an expert photographer.  Sam graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in physics engineering.  He became a top programmer in Cobalt, just before there was no more use in the computer world for Colbalt.

About six years after Anna was married our son Rocky was born which then we needed  a bigger house.  We had Sam over for dinner one evening and told him we planned on selling and getting a bigger house.  Sam bought it!

After that Sam married for the third time.  His wife Lita loved to work in the yard and Sam didn’t, so they got along fine.

But there was Sam’s mother Hazel Baldwin Carsley.  Hazel came down with Alzheimer’s disease.  Which Sam got her put in a nursing home and visited her daily.

Years after that he realized he was getting Alzheimer’s symptoms.  He did not want Lita to go through what he went through, or even himself for that matter.  On April’s Fool Day  he took his life with a bullet.  He shot himself in the chest, muffling the sound with a pillow, so he would not disturb Lita.