Monday, April 30, 2018

Colonel Cemetery, Savannah

General Nathan Greene' Crypt
Tyson kin Winston Tyson was a school teacher on the Nathan Green plantation.  Also Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin while visiting the plantation.  Also, General "Lighthorse Harry" Lee died at the plantation while visiting.

Duelist's Grave

James Habersham's Crypt

Mess of confused head stones

Pirate or Mason?  Aaaarrggg

Spanish Moss

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bill Dunaway Manning Welcome Marietta Table

Former Mayor Bill Dunaway as a one man welcoming Committee to "What to do for fun in Marietta".

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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Savannah, Ga, about 2005

City Hall

Clary's Restaurant - The above two pictures are where all he eccentrics seemed to hangout the movie "MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVEN"

Juliette Lowe (Girl Scouts founder) birthplace

Paula Dean's Lady And Sons Restaurant

Mercer and Jim William's House (MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL)

The Ole' Pink House.  James Habersham's house.
Years ago I went with Anna on a annual conference business trip to Savannah.  One evening her immediate group had dinner The Ole’ Pink House.  We sat at a table, which above us on the wall was a portrait of James Habersham, one of the leaders of Colonel Georgia.
We had a lite polite conversation, mostly talking about their co-workers who were not present.  One loud mouth aggressive there, who I think was a quality control engineer, started talking about one of his co-workers not present.  Apparently the person he was talking critical about is challenged physically, because the aggressive guy started physically imitating him. 
Then, with no warning, a WHAM!  Hit our table.  A normal size hand was lying on the table.  It was an artificial hand.  One of the people there had an artificial hand, which no one thought about until then.
Then the aggressive guy was speechless.
I looked up at the portrait of James Habershm.  He was speechless too.  His expression seemed to changed to shocked.

Sherman's Headquarters

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Anna's Playhouse and the Smoke House

Anna was just a toddler when her playhouse was built.  When the floors had new cement her parents held her up so she could walk across it leaving her bare feet prints.

Anna's parents called this The Smoke House, not because they smoked meats in it, because they didn't but that is a good name for an out building.


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Week of July the 4th One year

I know it was a week of July the 4th because of the top picture of Larry standing in the empty parking lot of Brandi's. Hot Dogs.  A sign on the door said they are closed all week of July the 4th.  I just don't know what year.  Larry is on the phone talking to Paul, who we were to meet at Brandi's. 

We met down the street at the Red-Eyed Mule instead.

At the Red-Eyed Mule we ran into Lee and Dianne.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Little Officer Mac

This is my friend and ex-coworker Mac.  This was taken July 4th,  2004.  We are both retired .  I ran into him at the post office the other day (almost 14 years later) and he looks exactly the same. 

Mac has his eccentric ways.  One time someone brought donuts in from Duncan Donuts.  She was  not sure what to get, so she one bought one of every flavor.  Mac could not decide which one he wanted, so he took a bite out of each one…. Which stirred everybody up.

Mac is a highly decorated military officer.  He was an officer involved in the capture of Panama’s Noreiga.

He kept up his status in the reserves, which he was an officer, of course.  Once I was on break in the break room and a vending machine man was there filling the machines with goodies.  Mac walked by the door and recognized the vender.  He, at the time, was in his reserve unit.  Mac walked in and greeted the guy, and the guy almost snapped to attention.  He addressed Mac as “sir”. And was carried away with the fact he got a one on one with a hero and an officer in his unit..

Then another “Mac” , our supervisor walked by the door and saw Mac talking to the vending machine man.  Mac ruefully told Little Officer Mac he was on the clock, get back to work.
I think that was a downer for worker/officer Mac’s underling.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cobb County Jail

This is the Cobb County Jail.  I took this picture while waiting my turn to go into the Cobb County Dump complex.  I don’t think the jail has windows. 

It made me think of the old Cobb County Jail, which had windows (with bars).  Once on the Grand Jury in about 1973 we got to tour the old jail and eat in their chow hall.  I’m sure they put their best foot forward and the food was delicious  and everybody smiling and happy.   The building is still here, about a block up the road from the new jail.

One time when that jail was operational I carried a load to the dump and after leaving I stopped at a stop sign in front of the old jail.   Three Bell South repair trucks was parked on the side of a side street.  I saw three Bell South line people with their helmets on standing by a rail, by the lawn of the jail.  Apparently they were taking a break.  Then I saw what they were doing.  One was a female line person.  The two men linemen was laughing looking at her.  She was standing about ten feet away facing the jail.  She was unbuttoning her blouse.  I think, for kicks, she was going to flash the inmates that might be looking out the windows.

I stayed stopped, I wasn’t going anywhere.

Then a car with an asshole driver behind me honked and I moved on.


Monday, April 23, 2018

Roy Barnes and Dan Cox

The Former Governor Roy Barnes having a chuckle with Dan Cox, the future Former Director of the Marietta Museum of History in the museum.. Dan retired about a year later.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Bascomb Methodist Cemetery

BASCOMB METHODIST CEMETERY.  It is on the north end of Bascomb Carmel Road.  Carmel Baptist Church is on the other end.  Many of my Hunter and Tyson kin are buried here.

My great great grandfather John T. Huey

Guyine Hunter, died in her 18th year, 1919

John R. Hunter, my grandfather's brother

Lois Hunter lived to be 103.  Once she called me up and chewed me out and told me I was telling too many family secrets and she hoped to carry some of the family secrets to her grave and I came alone.

My great grandparents Obedia and Nancy Elizabeth Huey Tyson.

My grandmother Minnie Tyson Hunter's brother

Another of my grandmother Minnie's brothers

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