Saturday, September 29, 2012

Small World, again.

We went to a concert last night on the Marietta Square.  We were to meet a friend.  The friend arrived before we did and saved two more places beside her for us.

Before we arrived another couple wanted those two places and our friend would not let them sit.  I do not know what words were exchanged, but I think they were heated.  The two people that wanted the seats sat over to the side.

We arrived and the man of the two that wanted our places immediately recognized me.  We worked together for years at the Marietta Post Office.   He told me retired in 2009.  Small world.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Did Obama Attack the American Embassy in Libya?

I just saw headlines on Yahoo that the "Republicans assail Obama on the Libya 9/11 attack."

I don't understand.  Do they think Obama was one of the terrorists that attacked the Embssy?  Do they have proof? 

Did they ask the President what he was doing on 9/11?  If he said he was giving a speech to  thousands of people in a stadium they should demand that he prove it.  And don't accept photos or videos.  Remember he probably has photoshop. - Remember how he fooled everybody with that birth certificate.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Was The Cobb Counrty Courthouse

when I was growing up.  Then, it mysteriously burned up.  Or, mysteriously to me anyway.  Commissioner then, Herbert McCollum was trying to get rid of it and replace it.  I'm not saying I thnk he had anything to do with it.  But I'm not saying I think  the opposite either.

His wife Jesse was my 3rd grade teacher.  I think she was too sweet to have knowingly share a her bed with a snake.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Was de-Friended by a Dead Person on Facebook

Several on my friends on Facebook have died.  I just didn't see any reason to delete their names from my friend list.  It is like I accept their deaths.

The other day I got one of those automatic computer generated "line ups" from Facebook sayng wouldn't I like to be so & so friend, we had about two dozen friends in common. 

I remember when we became facebook friends, he was one of my first fb friends. 

Since the system asked me if Iwanted to be friends with him I checked my friends roster and sure'nuff, he wasn't listed.

I guess I said something that offended him and he clipped me.

Now, his spirit wants to be my friend.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On Thils Date in History, Sept 25:

1913 - Walt Kelly, creator of Pogo Possum, was born.  I heard people all during my formative years say you have to read the papers to understand Pogo.  I tried that several times and didn't get it.  I even asked people that had said that about Pogo and the paper to please point out a good example.  They couldn't, except one of the characters spoke with a British accent.

Read Doonesbury, you don't have to read the newspapers it will point out things that should have been there but isn't.

Speaking of Walt Kelly my hero the late Harvey Kurtzman (creator of MAD comicbook) had a rude encounter with Kelly one time.  He went to the newspaper where Kelly was working the city editor's desk.  Harvey wanted to ask him some questions on how to get into the cartooning profession and Kelly gave him the "bum's rush".


Monday, September 24, 2012

On This Date in History, Sept 24...

John Marhall was born (1755-1835).  John was the 4th Supreme Court Chief Justice (1802 - 1835).  John is also a relative - or actually, a relative of a relative.  John is brother to Hannah Elizabeth Marshall.  Hannah was married to Zachariah Petty.  They both are my ancestors.

Andrew Jackson had the Cherokee and Creek Indians forcefully removed to Indian reservations in Oklahoma and other territories.  The Supreme Court ruled that such an order was unconstitutional.  President Andrew Jackson jokingly said something to the effect that if John Marhsall said it was unconstitutional, let John Marhshall enforce his ruling.

John Marshall

A little tidbit of history behind the scenes:  Timothy Dodson was married to Elizabeth Petty, John Marshall's sister's neice.  Timothy owned a farm next to Andrew Jackson's The Hermitage in Tennessee.  Timothy was  pallbearer when Andrew Jackson died.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I See What I See


Friday, September 21, 2012

Promises, Promises

I think the Republicans will be rather vocal soon, as if they weren't already, to remind the public of the campaign promises Obama has not kept.

I think the public should remind them just who fault that is.  Could it be the ones who voted down just about every bill the president intoduced?  The ones that kept everything partisan?  Even the ones that would have created jobs - just for the purpose of making the president look bad?   Naawwwww!  Nobody would sink that low as put politics above the needs of the country.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Cool Closet Car Club

I could have said the Cool Secret Car Club but in this case the S of secret would be out of sequence with the  Cs.  And Closet is another way of saying Secret.

It is a secret club because the members hardly even know each other exist.

I noticed a person in our neighborhood that owns a BMW always parks in the carport at an angle.  I wondered why.  I think it is a self-image thing.  That way she can show she is cool - like wearing a ballcap backwards.

And of course the benefits of this club, if you are parked at an angle in a public parking place it would be harder for a person of the working class to opened their car doors and put a dent in the more elitist expensive car.

Yesterday for the heck* of it at the hospital I parked my truck on the highest level there was, except the roof.  There were only two other cars on the entire level.  Then, a fourth one drove up and parked a good distant from the other three, that were also spaced sort of equally  apart from each other.  The car was a BMW.  It parked at an angle.  It was making a statement.  I think the statement was, "Am I cool or what?"

I don't mean to say it is just a BMW club.  Any other expensive car, such as Mercedes, Hummers, or whatever else is very expensive.   A couple years ago I noticed more than once that Hummers in the area parked sideways across two handi-capped parking spaces to assure that no car doors would put a scratch on their body work.

I was telling a certain person that is high in management about the hummers and this person said she understood perfectly.  I threw in they were preventing a handicapped person from using what he was legally entitled to.  She more or less said, "So what?  The Hummer paid more taxes."

Us 47% percenters don't deserve anything.  By the way, I cracked their code to recognze each other - it is not a handshake or anything like tht.  It is very simple:  Nose Pointed Upward.

*actually, I was curioous about the view.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Did Jesus Have a Wife?

                                       Take My Wife....Please!!

It has been just been translated from ancient scripts that Jesus mentioned his wife.  Now, it is up for debate.

If so, did Jesus make mother-in-law jokes? 

Did Jesus and his wife have a big wedding or did they elope?  Did he settle down after he married?  Did someone throw him a "7 Veils" bachelor party?  Did he tell mother-in-law jokes and if so, did he end say "seriously folks.." before he started preacher the Holy word?

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thanks For Dropping By

Hi!  Thank you so much for dropping by.  It gets lonely around here.

I started this blog about 6 years ago, wrote about 25 posts and made a mistake and didn't know how to correct the mistake so I abandoned this one and started antohter site.

Now, I am back trying to revive this one.

I'm glad you came by.  I don't get many visitors.  As a matter of fact, I don't think I got any yesterday, unless they came after I quit checking.  But I'm glad you came today.  You made my day!

Come back now, y'hear?


Monday, September 17, 2012

We (Georgians) Are Crumbling Into Dust!

Soon, when the budget cuts become effective, Georgia will be the only state in the Union that the state archives will not be open to the public.  Why?   They are cutting the payroll; the number of people working at the archives will be reduced.

Well, I guess we could do worse, we could have a school system that does not even offer math to its students.  Wait!  We already have that too.  We can only afford to pay so many teachers, you know.  It is no wonder Georgia is 49th in academic achievement.

Well, at least we haven't been faced with higher taxes.  I suppose that is something to brag about.

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Falsley Accused (Again)


Saturday, September 15, 2012


Have you ever noticed that those who want the governemnt to get rid of a big part of its employees to reduce taxes are the same ones that demand priority services from the government?

It is like if the government gave everybody the special services they demanded they would have to double their employees not cut them.

A friend of mine has always complained about the number of employees on the government payroll.  He lives near a Latino area.  It really gets under his skin to hear loud music.  He found there is a law in Cobb County about noise level of loud music.   He noticed people were not getting arrested for playing loud music in their cars as they ride by police.  My friend wrote a letter to the Cobb County Police complaining about police not enforcing the law.  The police department sent a nice speaking officer out to talk to him and tried to explain that there are much more serious crimes to focus on, mostly drugs.  As a topper he said the police force is short handed. 

The explaination did not make my friend happy. 

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Friday, September 14, 2012

I'll show you my tattoo Babe, if you show me your's.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mitt Stepped On a Frog

John-Boys All-You-Can-Eat

We took my mother-in-law to John Boys All-You-Can-Eat yesterday.  She goes there weekly with her Bible study group but did not get to go this week - or yet, until yesterday that is.

The buffet' has a large variety of food and seems to specialize in country cooking.  Many people love their fried chicken.  I found it true many times the places with good southern cooking many times are owned and operated by Asians or Europeans who studied southern recepies and perfected them.

I am partial to a very similar restaurant on Sandy Plains Road called Judy's Country Kitchen All-You-Can Eat.  Probably Judy's and John Boy's are tied on the tasty of their food and the variety, but what puts Judy ahead  in my book is that Judy, which is not her real name, is a friend of mine; an ex-co-Postal employee.  I think she told me one time that she and John-Boy are related.

John Boys' is one of those non-superficial restaurants that elderly native Mariettans are drawn to.   I have never been there that I haven't seen someone I knew either from the present or the past.

Yesterday several people came by and spoke to my mother-in-law, they go to the same chuch, Noonday Baptist.  One couple that came by to speak to her used to live down Hawkins Store Road from her.  I also remember him from about 35 years ago coming by our house to give us an estimate to roof our house.  I thought it was too high and did it myself.  The tip ends of my fingers are still numb from that foolish decision..  When introduced to his wife she asked me if I was related to Frances Hunter.  I said she is my sister.  She asked how is she doing and I said fine the last time I talked to her, a few days ago.  She asked how her brain tumor was doing, and I was surprised she knew about that - but told her it was halted but Emory still has to check on it about twice a year.  She told me she belonged to a prayer group and her name was given to pray for.  Well, they must have said the right thing to the Divine.

The husband, the roof man, told me he got rid of all but 7 of his goats.  He said his goats love to eat poison ivy.  That reminded me of my cousin Anthony and his goats.  One day he got down on all fours and were playing with his goats and what he didn't realize they had just eaten some poison ivy alongside his fence.  Later that day he had to go to the ER - his face was swollen beyond recognition.

I also saw a hligh school friend Ray Denard there yesterday but he was on his way out and didn't see me.

It reminded me the last I was at John Boys' months ago I saw and recognized Sibel, a redheaded girl that lived two houses down from us on Manget Street.  Once she recognized me she talked and talked about what all happened to her family.

The owner/cashier is a very relaxed man who doesn't seemed to be bothered about anything.  His waitess pool sort of polices itself without supervision. 

Afterwards, on the way out, I glanced at a boar with hundreds of snapshots of people dining at John-Boys.  In the very center of all the pictures was a picture of aunt Ruby Hunter staring at me.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back in Class

Yesterday we began taking E.L.M. Classes again.

I have no idea what E.L.M. stands for.  However, what it means is self-improvement classes for the elderly.  I think you have to be 55 or over to qualify.  Another qualification, probably more importantly is pay the tuition fee.

The classes are held on Tuesdays at the Marietta First Methodist Church. We have taken, collectively, Mah-Jong, photography, genealogy, writing, flower arranging, various forms of exercises, money management, and this time we are together taking the history of north Georgia in the morning and after lunch Anna is taking card making while I take a playtime recess in downtown Marietta.
I have taken the history of north Georgia before, about 5 years ago.  But there are so many historical incidents that happened in north Georgia the teacher says she can go on and on and not repeat herself.  She mentioned several examples of what she could talk about, for instance  Henry Wisdom who she said was the "Paul Revere of Rome, Georgia."  She went on to say Henry Wisdom was a mailman and his route was all the way to the Alabama line.  Near the state line he overheard some Yankee soldiers saying they were going to hit Rome hard the next day - burn it down.  Henry Wisdom wore out two horses riding all over the Rome area warning people and be ready.  They were ready and defeated the onslought of the Yankees.  The lady next to me something about Henry Wisdom was just like Paul Revere, he warned the British were coming. I told her that he warned Rome that the Yankees were coming.  I went on to expalin that Rome didn't exist in the Revolutionary War, whites were not allowed to settle north of the Chattahoochee River until 1832.  She seemed to appreciate that knowledge.  Damn!  What am I, the teacher's helper?  

Also, at the beginning of the class the teacher asked who all wer native Georgians.  Only Anna and I raised our hands.  I think some people looked on us as if we were freaks of nature.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The World Stopped.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Waiting For People Ahead of the Line

We used to use Blockbuster and Netflix for our videos.  Then we dropped Netflix and went totally with Blockbuster.  We seemed to get the most movies that way for a cheaper price.

Then, locally, there was no more Blockbuster.  They closed down.  Now we do our renting from Redbox.  I think what I like best is not having to worry about getting the maxium for the buck.  There is no foot race.  You just go to their red box which are conviently located here and there, pay $1.50 to rent a movie, and maybe something like 18 cents more to rent it in HD and that is it.  You watch it and you can return it to any Red Box and you are credited with returning it instantly.  When you get home there will be an email thanking you for returning it.

You can also go on-line with Red Box and see what closet location has the movie you want. 

The other evening we picked out a movie we wanted and it told us the closest was our local Krogers, in Box B.  I went to Krogers to get it and a young lady was standing at Box A punching buttons and making a deal.  And there was a middle age lady at Box B, the one I wanted also punching buttons and making selections. 

Standing there a minute or two watching the two women I figured out the young lady on the left was the one doing business, the middle age woman at Box B was her mother and was just playing with the buttons. 

How do you politely tell someone to get off the pot if they are doing any business?

After overhearing the mother and daughter  interact about the different selections I realized they were speaking another lanugage, probably Turkish.

Being that they were speaking another language I figured I was in no hurry anyway.

It may me think of another time I was standing in line someplace to buy a lottery ticket.  I don't know how it is now but then you had to buy your lotter ticket by a certain time for it to apply to that night's lottery.

The winning amount had swelled up very high, maybe the most ever up to that point.  There were about 5 or 6 people in line in front of me.  The person in the front of the line was a little woman I knew.  She was in her wheelchair.  She was an elected offical in the county.  She was considered outspoken and controversial.  She also had a very polite courtley southern way of speaking.

She had brought in a big sack of old lottery tickets of all kinds that she had never checked.  She just bought the tickets and never checked to see if she won or not.  Now, she wanted to know if she had any winners.  The clerk had to run each one through the computer to see if any had won.    The highstrung man behind her was fussing at her.  She ignored him.

Beleve it or not, the clerk finished with her at about 2 mintues before the cut-off time.  As she wheeled away the man behind her said, "Mam' are you sure you don't have any more tickets?  Do you us to wait untl you go out to your car and make sure?  He was being sarcastic.  His face was red and he was sputtering mad. 

That is civilization.  Anytime you have more than one person in a society there will be conflicks.


Sunday, September 09, 2012

30 Congressmen In a Tub, Rub A Dub Dub!

A group of House Represenatives visiting Israel as part of an official Congressional delegation last summer enjoyed a late night of drinking at the Sea of Galilee that included swimming and, in the case of one member, a little skinny dipping in the place where the Bible says Jesus walked on water.
The story was first reported by Politico and has been confirmed by ABC News.

-news item.

"The nerve of those Democrats!  They don't hold anything sacred, not even where Jesus walked on water!"

"Eh? Pardon me?  You say all 30 of the congressmen were Republicans?"

"The nerve of the news people!  Why don't they mind their own business and quit bothering the Republicans!"

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Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Democrats Disapointed Me

I know Romey and other Republican leaders have taken some of the things Obama said and used it out of context.  I thought "how unethical and unfair!"

Yesterday on NPR I heard a political expert analyze statements the Obama and other leaders have said in speeches and they are guilty of same thing.

It is hard to know who to believe. 

But, I hope the facts and figures speak for themselves.  The employment and production are on an upswing.  One might argue that Obama had little to do with that.  Well, I don't know if he did or didn't.  But I do know he would surely get the blame if unemployment was on the downslide.


Friday, September 07, 2012

I Gave at Arby's

Arby's had a special offer yesterday from 11am until 1pm you could get their new turkey sandwich absolutely free.  You didn't have to buy another sandwich, fries, or drink - they were free for the asking.

At 11:15 I drove into Arby's parking lot.  It was crowded, I didn't see one parking space available.  I went to the drive-in window order box.  The lady on the other end of the sqawk box asked what I wanted and I said a new free turkey sandwich.  That was all I really wanted.  She asked didn't I want anything else and I said no. 

She more or less said, "Aww comon, you're getting the sandwich free...".

I asked if they still had jalapeano poppers.  She said yes.  I ordered an order of those too.

Then, still trying to shake me down she asked if I would like to give a dollar to some kind of charitable fund and I said, sure, what the heck.  She told me for the dollar contribution she was going to give me a coupon worth over a dollar.  I couldn't go wrong!

And, it is deductable.

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Joe South Has Died

Joe South has died.  He was 72.  Joe is from Cobb County, Georgia.  I think the Smyrna area.  He was the producer for my friend Billy Joe Royal but more importantly, he was an excellent songwriter.  His songs, in a way, took a Hindu outlook on life.

Yesterday's Events

Yesterday was a day full of little events, which I wll bore my reader with now.  By the way, as I type this, this is the 3rd day and my readership population is 0. 

Yesterday morning I reported to the lab of my kidney doctor to deliver a huge container of piss I accumulated for the past 24 hours  and they drew blood again. 

I had to fast for the past 18 hours for the blood sample part.  By then it was late morning and I was hungry.  I decided to go to the Varsity and have some chili-slaw dogs and onion rings. 

On the way to the Varsity I saw a biscuit shop up ahead, which we have eaten at before and remembered it to be good.  It is next door to Kennesaw Mountain and Louise's Restaurant, which I heard Louise died last week.

My empty stomach lured me into the biscuit shop.  I ordered a sausage and biscuit to-go.  On the counter was a stack of cards for a cajun restaurant in Hiram.  I asked the young lady in shorts waiting on me had she been there (the Cajun restaurant).  She said yes, and it was good.  Then she added that she supports any new small business.  She said small businesses is what American is all about.  I was wearing a U.S. Flag teeshirt - I think I felt it glow with warmth when she said that.

I still had my Varsity fix, but only had one hotdog.

Next, I met Anna my wife-   She was shopping and she bought a water filter for her mother's refrigerator.  The refrigerator was leaking and we thought it might be filter because it hasn't been changed in over 18 months. 

I drove to my mother-in-law's house and changed the filter.  It is still leaking.  Now we are looking for a honest appiance home-repairman and finding it is a rare breed now days, especially the honest part.

I next went to the Wellstar-Kennestone Hospital complex to have a sonorgram(?).  It is the same thing you would see an unborn baby in its mother's tummy.  The techician had me fill my bladder and she took images of my kidneys, which this set will be the "before".  Then she had me go to the restroom and empty my bladder.  Then she took "after" images.  She studied the pictures and said my kidney's are not discharging all the urine, in fact, it left over 50% in it.  I thought to myself, maybe I didn't shake it.

The doctor said he suspected I wasn't getting rid of all my urine.

Yesterday evening I was so tired I kept dozing trying to watch the Democratic Convention.  I didn't get to see Bill Clinton speak but did hear the highlights. 

From what I heard from the highlights and peoples's comments he knocked it out of the park.  He showed that Obama saved the auto industry and documented Romey saying more or less "let them go bankrupt".  How many jobs do you think was saved?

I don't see how a middle income person would even consider Romey, but from my friends I know they are.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Happy is Dead

My sister Bonnie's dog Happy died yesterday.  His health hasn't been good for several years.  He was a diabetic and we think his diabetes caused him to become blind. 

The past few weeks Happy has been very ill-tempered.  Once when Bonnie was giving him his insulin shot he bit Bonnie.  It was a strong enough bite to cause the wound to swell up.  My other sister Fraces took her to the ER for a technus shot and an antibiotic.

Happy died in the early morning hours.  You could tell he was very sick and in pain.  Now he is out of misery and pain, who knows, Happy might be Happier.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Natural Border

Blood tests show that I might have a kidney problem.   I was sent to a kidney specialist.  They have to run a few tests to find out what the problem is.

Today I have to pee in a jug for 24 hours and keep it refrigerated.  Then tomorrow morning I will carry it to the kidney doctor's lab.

While peeing in the container this morning I wondered if I took my jug full of pee and pour it along the the property line would keep the dogs away?  One sniff and the dog would have to recognize it as a natural binding property border document.

Another thing I thought of, what if I was in a hurry and not quiet awake (afterall, I have to fast that morning too, blood test, which means no coffee) and grab the wrong container and the lab technician puts on his report that "this man must eat 30 apples a day".

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I'm Back!!

Hi!  I started this blog about six years ago.  I generated 25 posts and wandered off and created another blog.  The reason I dropped this one and started another one is because I made a mistake on this one, could not figure out how to correct it so I dropped it and moved on.  That was when I didn't know much about blogs.  I still don't.

The other day I noticed this blog is still active and still waiting for that correction.  I deleted the post with the error.  Problem solved!

My other blog that I have been hammering at daily for six years is:



You might notice that both blogs, although,totally independent of each of each other, are named after chicken fat.  Yes they are.

I will probably go in another direction with his blog, I am not sure in which direction, but as they say, water seeks its own level.