Monday, July 09, 2018

Gwinnett County Courthouse

This is the Gwinnette County Courthouse in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  Mostly courthouses in Georgia are interesting to look at:  They are big, stand out like a sore thumb and make a statement.

This Gwinnette County Courthouse comes with a bit of national history.  Copied and pasted from Wikipedia:

On March 6, 1978, during a legal battle related to obscenity in Gwinnett County, Georgia, Flynt and his local lawyer, Gene Reeves Jr., were returning to the courthousewhen they were shot on the sidewalk in front of 136 South Perry Street in Lawrenceville by a gunman standing near an alley across the street. The shooting left Flynt partially paralyzed with permanent spinal cord damage, and in need of a wheelchair. Flynt's injuries caused him constant, excruciating pain and he was addicted to painkillers until multiple surgeries deadened the affected nerves. He also suffered a stroke caused by one of several overdoses of his analgesic medications. He recovered but has had pronunciation difficulties since.
Larry Flynt's Gold-Plated Wheelchair – November 14, 2009
White supremacist serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin confessed to the shootings many years later, claiming he was outraged by an interracial photo shoot in Hustler. Franklin was never brought to trial for the attempted killing of Flynt, who has made statements indicating he believes Franklin's story. Some police officials[who?] also concur. Franklin was eventually charged in Missouri with eight counts of murder unrelated to the Flynt shooting, and sentenced to death. In October 2013, Flynt said he opposed the death penaltyand did not want Franklin to be executed.[20] Franklin was executed in Missouri by lethal injection on November 20, 2013.


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