Sunday, April 22, 2018

Bascomb Methodist Cemetery

BASCOMB METHODIST CEMETERY.  It is on the north end of Bascomb Carmel Road.  Carmel Baptist Church is on the other end.  Many of my Hunter and Tyson kin are buried here.

My great great grandfather John T. Huey

Guyine Hunter, died in her 18th year, 1919

John R. Hunter, my grandfather's brother

Lois Hunter lived to be 103.  Once she called me up and chewed me out and told me I was telling too many family secrets and she hoped to carry some of the family secrets to her grave and I came alone.

My great grandparents Obedia and Nancy Elizabeth Huey Tyson.

My grandmother Minnie Tyson Hunter's brother

Another of my grandmother Minnie's brothers

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