Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hunter Reunion, Union County, Ga., It Is a Small World

The Hunter Reunion, which is for the Descendents of John Hunter (c1775-1848), is to be June 7,  at Alexander's Track Rock Campground, in Union County. 

In 1982, I carried with me my uncle Doug Hunter (1916-1986).  After the Reunion my distant cousin Austine  Hunter Wallis invited us over to her father's house for a visit and look at her Hunter line old home place.    Austine and I have been communicating years swapping information about Hunter history.

Hunter House for generations in Union County, Ga.

she showed us around the house she grew up in and  her elderly father Jess Hunter still lived in.  Interesting, in the living room of the old house she pointed out bullet holes where one time before 1900 there was a gun fight ruckus in the house.

Her brother Jack Hunter dropped in.   Jack said he was up on business.  He did not attend the reunion.  We were introduced to Jack and said we lived in Marietta.  He said so did he.  My uncle Doug said he lived in the Fair Oaks area and he said so did he.  One of them said they lived on Pine Street and they other said so did he.
It turned out they lived next door to each other.  Jack was new on Pine Street and had not met his neighbors yet.

Jack was a contractor (he died since).   One time he was delivering a load of dirt to my neighbor.  My neighbor Jim told me a Jack Hunter was delivering him a load of dirt so a made a point to be there and speak to him.   He did not remember me and our brief meeting at his old home place in Union County.

A similar "its a small world" encounter at the Hunter Reunion in Union County, Georgia:   2008 was the last time I attended the Descendents of John Hunter Reunion in Union County.  I think I must have wore my NAVY USS NEWPORT NEWS ball cap.   A man looked to be about my age, also a John Hunter Descendant , asked me was I on the USS NEWPORT NEWS.  I told him I was on it with the HU-4 Helicopter Squadron all of the last week of December and all of January 1965.  Our primary objective was to meet a British ship in New Orleans and reenact the Battle O f New Orleans.   Apparently no one told them the Battle of New Orleans  of the war should have never been .  Peace was agreed upon before that date, but new traveled slow.  The man said he was on the USS NEWPORT NEWS the same time, in a Marine Unit.

ex-Marine on the USS NEWPORT NEWS

That is amazing, I was not aware I was on the same ship as blood kin and did not know it until 33 years later in the north Georgia mountains, then just by coincidence. 

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