Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Visiting the Taylors in North GeorgiaDa

We visit Anna’s ex- supervisor Brenda and her husband Peter  from time to time   They are both retired and live in Cleveland.

We usually ride the country side with them.

This is in front of the Sautee Store in Sautee Valley, just out side Helen.  We spent our honeymoon at Unicoi State Park near Helen.  We stopped at this store on the way to our honeymoon, over 50 years ago, and the lady owner gave us a wedding gift and I think some cheese.

It is all in the angle.  This really means to look like a boy swinging a bat.  With the a different angle it looks like something else.  This is outside at the Gourd Museum.

Just outside of Watkinsville.  The gray building is a mill.  You can go in and buy something, or get fleeced as the locals say.

This was a fine restaurant in Dahlonega.   I think I read now it is up to be changed to something else.



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