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These are the kin folks that I know served in the Armed Forces.  Proceed with caution,  they might not be chronological order and some are not in uniform.  In error I probably left someone out.

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3rd great grandfather -Greenville Pullen, Sr. served in the Indian Wars as a musician.  He played a fife.

3rd great grandfather - Jesse Bookout also fought in the Indian Wars and later became an employee of the famous Chief Van of Chatsworth, Georgia, which was against the law and caused problems.

William A. Hunter/Trammell &Emaline Ray
3rd greant grandfather -William served in the CSA, NC 39th Infantry, Co . I.  He was wounded during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, and recuperated nearby in Woodstock, which ended up being his and his family's new home.

William Hunter/Trammell fought on Kennesaw Mountain with the name William Trammell (before he changed his name to Hunter).  

4th great grandfahter - His great grandfather, also named William Trammell fought at Kings Mountain, in the Revolutionary War.  Same name; both wounded in a battle on a mountain that started with the letter K.   

William A. Hunter/Trammell's father, my great great grandfather, Jason Henderson Hunter recruited and formed  his own CSA unit that attacked Federal gunboats on the Mississippi.

1st cousin, 4x removed - Leander Newton Trammell.  He served as a quartermaster in the CSA.
He was an elected representative in Georgia and was the Governor of Georgia, technically for one day.   He made his home in Dalton and Marietta..

I don't have a picture of John T. Huey, but I do have a picture of his wife Drucilla Wilson Huey.  (2nd great grandfather) John was a large landholder, and therefore exempted from Military Service.  However, he went anyway, for a fee, in place of John B. Tippen.  He was caught up in the famous Siege of Vicksburg.

William D. Petty
2nd great uncle -I know he was in, I don't have his facts.
So was his brother Daniel Webster Petty, below.

Great grandfather - Daniel Webster Petty and Jane Garrett
Daniel Enlisted- Confederate Army Co B, 65th Regiment, Ga. Infantry

Great Uncle -Robert Edward Tyson
Uncle Ed, was in WWI.

This picture is the Marietta National Guard in 1937.  Most of the Hunter brothers are there.  In the front row center in the black shirt is Stanley Hunter.

First row:  Jimmy and Bobby Crain.
Uncles & first cousins -Second row: Stanley and Dick Hunter.  Dick was home on leave.  Nephew Bobby would join the Naval Reserves.  I know, because Bobby and I both were Naval Reservists at the same time.

Uncle -Walter Clarence, "W.C." during  WWII W.C was drinking coffee at the Red Cross in Africa and a bunch of U.S. Sailors walked by.  W.C. pointed at one of the sailors and said that kid looks just like his little brother Dick, and it was. He was wounded and a metal plate was put in his head, he was a war casualty that effected him the rest of his life.  He died in the VA hospital many years later.

Uncle - Jack Hunter spent a career in the Navy, and was in the Pacific in WWII.  He survived Pearl Harbor and is credited for pulling Eddie Rickenbacker  from the sea onto their PT boat.

Uncle - Stanley Hunter fought on D-Day, June 4, 1944.  He also had the misfortune of watching his first cousin and best friend Horace Crowder died from enemy fire.

Father - Ed Hunter was in the Georgia National Guard.  I think Daddy loved the fellowship.

Uncle -Doug Hunter was in the Army, I just don't have a picture of him in his uniform.

1st cousin - Ray Hunter, WWII

uncle & 1st cousin, once removed - I think this may be cousins Horace Crowder and Stanley Hunter before their service time, they joined together.  As mentioned above, Horace was killed.

Uncle -Leonard Petty, Navy

Uncle -William LeRoy Petty.  He was "Bill" to his friends, he was "Roy" to his family, and "L-Rod "to his service buddies. Roy was in the D-Day Invasion of  Normandy.  He killed a very big number of Germans.  At least two books mentioned him twice and heroic actions:  THE LONGEST DAY and RUDDER'S RANGERS.  He used to stand up in the audience on the Ed Sullivan show to be recognized on or near D-Day.

Me, grandmother, & me -I am in front of my Grandma Viola Ridley Petty and my uncle Osmo Petty.  Osmo was in the Navy.  His brothers, Leonard, Roy, and Wallace considered Osmo the smartest of the Petty siblings. 

I too would be in the Navy in about 20 years, mostly in the Helicopter Squadron HU-4, home station NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey 08733 (Hey look!  I still remember the zip code).

Rocky's late  father-in-law, Sabrina's father,
O'Neal Sexton was in the Army, stationed in South Korea, where he met Sabina's mother-to-be, Chong.

1st cousin - Jerry Hunter was a F-105 Pilot.  He was shot down in Vietnam,  25 May 1966,.  He gave is life.  Hunter Park in Douglasville, Georgia, is named in his memory.

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