Thursday, June 07, 2018

Alton Brown's Home

Several  years ago we went on the Annual Marietta Pilgrimage, A.K.A. Tour of Homes.   The idea is that you paid a donation to Cobb County Landmarks, and in early December about  5 to 7 homes are opened to the public to tour through  Usually they are fine old regal homes that their previous owners played an important part of Marietta’s history.  It is very interesting

The year I am talking about we toured a house on Church Street.  It was a fine big home with a lot of history, that I have forgot already.  You go in each room opened to the public and a docent will be standing there with a patient smile and waiting for enough people to come in to give his or her spill on the contents or whatever in he room.  Upstairs a lady in one of the rooms was by the window wit the curtains opened.  I’m not sure if she told us about any of the artifacts in the room or not, she had something hotter to show:  We were looking at Alton Brown’s house and his looking down in his back yard



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