Saturday, June 09, 2018

Burningtown Baptist Church Cemetery

Burningtown Baptist Church is in the Burningtown Community, just outside of Franklin, North Carolina.  I have some ancestors and other relatives buried there.  My progenitors John and Nancy Sumner Ray are buried in unmarked graves.

Cecil Baldwin's grave above.  We met Cecil not long before he died.  He was a bachelor in his 90s.  He lived on our ancestors John and Nancy Sumner Ray's home place.

I think Rebecca Wild was originally Rebecca Trammell, sister of our great grandfather William A. Hunter/Trammell.  Rebecca married a son of Posey Wild..

Posey C. Wild were war buddies with our ancestor, William A. Hunter/Trammell.  He also testified that William fought with him at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain (William changed his name which made it hard to apply for his Confederate Soldier pension)



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